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The first 5G car with Swisscom and BMW Group

The BMW Group is the first premium manufacturer to introduce 5G mobile technology to a production vehicle. In line with this, Swisscom is offering the first 5G option for any vehicle within Switzerland.

This makes the vehicle like tablet or smartwatch, into a another connected device for users. It is basically a smartphone in motion. The car is using eSim to connect the vehicle to the existing Swisscom mobile communication contract.

The advantages are clear : The eSIM is connected directly to Swisscom mobile network through the antenna on the outside of the vehicle and provides the highest Swisscom connectivity in the vehicle. The car becomes a mobile device while on the move , without the smartphone needing to be present. that means that,  making calls, sending messages and browsing internet  can be carried out independently in the vehicle even if you’ve left your handset at home.

Additionally, thanks to the car’s itegrated 5G Wifi hotspot, every passenger benefits from the best network. The BMW app and auto-installation within the car, makes sure that  starting is easy and straightforward.

“We are delighted to be working with BMW to bring the best Swisscom network to the car. Swisscom is the exclusive partner of BMW Group Switzerland and the first ICT company in Switzerland to launch such an option. This puts us among the top 5 providers worldwide and right at the forefront when it comes to making it easy for our customers to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the connected world,” explains Dirk Wierzbitzki, Head of Residential Customers and Member of the Executive Board at Swisscom.

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