Friday, December 1, 2023
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Ericsson & DNB achieve world record with mmWave

Ericsson and Digital Nasional Berhad have recently set a world record for achieving Gigabit speeds over Malaysia’s 5G network using 28GHz millimeter wave technology. The record was set by achieving a peak throughput of 1Gbps at a distance of 11.18km from a radio antenna in Butterworth, Penang to an off-island location.

This breakthrough demonstrates the ability of mmWave technology, supported by Ericsson’s extended-range software, to deliver cost-effective, high-quality internet connectivity solutions via Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) in areas where wired connections are not always economically feasible.

This achievement opens the door for local mobile network operators to provide better and wider connectivity to more consumers and businesses, enabling the delivery of high-quality, wireless broadband connectivity at a cost-effective price using FWA solutions within the existing 5G coverage area.

This highlights Ericsson’s 5G technology expertise in overcoming the challenges of distance to deliver fiber-like speeds via FWA to areas beyond cities, thereby paving the way for wider connectivity and accelerating Malaysia’s digitalization.

FWA is seen to be a cost-effective alternative to fixed broadband especially in rural and sub-urban areas where deployment of fiber is either cost prohibitive, time-consuming or faced with terrain challenges.


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