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According to statistics, more than 70% traffic of 4G Mobile networks occurs indoors. Therefore operators indoor mobile network capabilities are critical and one of the core competitiveness in the 5G era.

6G Training for Everyone

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6G Technology Training course is a 2-day technical training. Participants will learn how the sixth-generation standard for wireless communications technologies is expected to support cellular data networks.
In the 6G Training course, attendees will examine the 6G Vision, 6G Roadmap, and 6G Technologies being touted for 6G. There’s also a thorough look at 6G.
Applications Use Cases that will likely be part of the 6G journey.
The 6G technology market is expected to facilitate large improvements in the areas of imaging, presence technology and location awareness.

Working in conjunction with artificial intelligence (AI), the 6G computational infrastructure will be able to identify the best place for computing to occur.
This includes decisions about data storage, processing and sharing.
Although there is no specific 6G Standard yet, there are technologies already in development that can be used to achieve 6G’s benefits.



Certification provided

After passing quiz



2 Days




Who would benefit:

Knowledge on Mobile Technology

Learning Path

  • 6G Fundamentals: vision and enabling technologies
  • 6G Use cases (including 6G business cases)
  • Analysis of 6G vision, architecture, and key technologies
  • Overview of 5G and 5G Advanced
  • Connecting a cyber-physical world with 6G
  • 5G Advanced to migration to 6G
  • 6G devices
  • 6G technology requirements
  • 6G initiatives
  • Beyond 5G (B5G) and 6G initiatives
  • 3GPP standardization development organizations
  • Terahertz frequencies
  • Holoportation
  • Tactile/haptic communications
  • Ubiquitous services (land, air, space, and sea)
  • Advanced imaging and sensing
  • 3GPP technology evolution
  • 5G Advanced features
  • 5G Advanced enhancements
  • www.5gworldpro.com
  • Intelligent network automation
  • Extended reality (XR)
  • Reduced capability (RedCap) NR devices
  • Network energy savings
  • Deterministic networking for IoT
  • AI/ML for RAN enhancements
  • AI/ML for physical layer enhancements
  • AI/ML in 5G core
  • 6G’s network architecture
  • 6G spectrum
  • Terahertz (THz) communications
  • 6G KPIs
  • Parameters for 6G Cellular Technologies
  • Reconfigurable Intelligent Surface (RIS)
  • Reflecting intelligent surfaces, smart repeaters, and holographic radios
  • Understanding RIS network node
  • 6G enabling technologies
  • Combined Sensing and Communication
  • Information centric to integrated sensing and communication
  • upper mmW band (100–300 GHz),
  • THz band (>300 GHz)
  • The upper mmW or THz band for sensing networks


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Product Technology Manager

5GWorldPro is providing excellent training services for Radio Engineers who want to understand and have a deep dive into 5G technologies. Training is quite [...]

Scoping Analyst

My recommendation for those who want to understand more about 5G … Mohamed Idrissi-5GWorldPro provides excellent training services for telecommunications engineers who want to [...]

RAN Design Engineer

This training is a great opportunity to have a solid base in this technology that is already present and future. It allows you to [...]

Radio Planning Engineer

I have completed the NR Advanced an RF Planning modules from 5GWorldPro. I found them really usefull to bridge the gap between 4G and [...]

Member Industrial Advisory Board

I attended 5G NR training that was very well researched and comprehensive. the content was organised and delivered very well. Overall it was a [...]

Engineer II, SAR Testing

I have finished both 5G NR Advanced and 5G NR RF planning training courses and I highly recommend them to anyone who wants to [...]

IS Senior Engineer

It was a very useful and informative training course about 5G Telecommunication systems, covering among others the Radio Access Interface, the core network systems, [...]

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