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Etisalat has announced strategies to explore 6G

UAE telecommunications operator Etisalat has actually announced strategies to explore 6G which is the future generation of the mobile network.

Haitham Abdulazzak, Etisalat’s CTO confirmed in the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona that the firm has made “considerable initiatives” towards 6G realization by performing research and establishing international standards for the ecosystem.

According to experts, 6G will bring much faster DL and UL speeds estimated to be 100x faster than 5G, as well as reduced latency and higher reliability than 5G.
The intro of new features, capabilities and the use of millimeter frequencies seen in 5G is anticipated to be complemented with terahertz spectrum in 6G.

Abdulazzak said : “The achievements by Etisalat today in 5G coverage, cloud native, MEC, Network slicing, AI and also automation platforms, as well as high fiber penetration which stands at more than 99 percent of UAE populated area coverage, is a result of the long-term approach paving the way in the direction of 6G”

UAE is committed to bring the latest technologies to enable digital societies and 6G is going beyond earth networks into space to enable new era of services and usage scenarios with Terabytes data traffic resulting in extraordinary human to machine interaction.

The 6G network will see the transformation of use cases targeted by 5G into a totally integrated autonomy, enabling “robotic human beings operation, innovative human-to-human, human-to-machine and also machine-to-machine relationships.

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