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X4000 5G Fast Air with over 85%+ spectrum coverage across Australia

X4000 Communications, a leading digital service provider in Brisbane, Queensland have now acquired over 85%+ spectrum coverage across Australia which includes capital, regional, rural and remote areas.

The DSP has developed a new product branding for the 5G spectrum ‘X4000 5G Fast Air’. This product offers spectrum-as-service providing 5G spectrum services which includes dedicated spectrum leasing options for enterprise, industry 4.0 and public safety. With further growth to acquire additional 5G spectrum in 2023 onwards.
X4000 is the first digital service provider in Australia to offer private 5G mobile networks with dedicated spectrum based on Open RAN technology. They have developed a mature 5G ecosystem with global vendors and partners to deploy a fully end-to-end managed service.

The X4000 Private 5G (XP5G) mobile network components include 5G Core, 5G RAN, and 5G end devices based on cloud and edge technology to support critical communication for video, voice and data to enable enhanced mobile broadband, ultra-reliable low latency and massive machine-type communication.

5G technology will offer gigabit speeds up to 10+ Gbps providing secure ‘fibre-like’ wireless services indoors and outdoors changing the future of wireless connectivity.
X4000 Private 5G and tactical communications services enabled by the X4000 5G Fast Air service with 5G spectrum available across all Australian major infrastructure including airports, ports, data centres, manufacturing, transportation, healthcare, universities, mining, energy, water and agriculture facilities.

X4000 provides a range of 5G products and services with 5G consultation for public and private mobile networks including public safety communication and V2X Technology.
The ‘X4000 5G Innovation Lab’ designed for customer innovation, to demonstrate 5G capabilities and new use cases. X4000 is a member of the GSMA APAC 5G Industry community sharing global use cases in vertical industries such as smart manufacturing, smart logistics, smart ports, smart transportations, smart healthcare, etc demonstrating pilot and production deployments using 5G technology.
X4000 is a new digital service provider enabling wireless connectivity disrupting the traditional mobile telecoms industry – as the X4000 team say – it’s just the beginning of the 5G journey! – watch this space!

Company Profile

X4000 Communications offer digital services to enable business capabilities providing dynamic agile delivery focused on Enterprise, Industry 4.0, and Public Safety enabling Web 3.0 for 5G Application, Network and Cyber Security services.
To learn more on X4000 Communications, please visit https://www.x4000.com

About X4000 Communications.

X4000 Communications is a leading digital service provider for 5G technology based in Australia enabling automated software-driven fixed, wireless services and support to the Asia Pacific region. Our Vision is to innovate and lead 5G application, network and cyber security services to vertical markets and provide global and national digital services.

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