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IMDA’s Groundbreaking 5G Collaborations Revolutionize Healthcare, Manufacturing, and Logistics in Singapore

The Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) which is a statutory board under the Singapore Ministry of Communications and Information.has partnered enterprises to develop innovative, first-of-its-kind 5G solutions across sectors such as healthcare, manufacturing, supply chain and logistics. IMDA is collaborating with National University Health System (NUHS), Republic Power, ST Engineering and DB Schenker as part of the next wave of transformative 5G use-cases.

1. In the healthcare sector, some of Singapore’s healthcare tech innovators and organisations such as NUHS have leveraged 5G in Mixed Reality-based Holomedicine in operating theatres to enhance patient care, improve outcomes, and redefine the entire healthcare experience. Announced in 2022, this is Asia Pacific’s first indoor private Enterprise 5G mobile edge computing (MEC) for Mixed Reality and Holomedicine capabilities in health tech.

2. IMDA has also partnered Republic Power to deploy 5G unmanned medical booths to support remote health screening and video consultations with enhanced user experience. This is Asia’s first 5G-enabled unmanned pre-screening and teleconsultation medical booth (“Medbots”) with state-of-the-art hygiene and safety system.

3. In Industry 4.0-driven manufacturing, supply chain and logistics sectors, IMDA has partnered ST Engineering and DB Schenker to enhance warehouse and manufacturing operations, quality control and customer experience. These include Singapore’s first 5G-enabled Digital Twin for DB Schenker’s warehouse and one of Singapore’s first 5G-enabled collaborative robots for ST Engineering’s 5G-Enabled Industry 4.0 Smart Factory.

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