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Samsung introduce the Fully Virtualized 5G RAN

Samsung Electronics has announced on 06/07/2020  the company’s new fully-virtualized 5G Radio Access Network (vRAN) solution, which will be commercially available this quarter. The solution provides a new option for mobile operators looking the improved efficiencies, cost savings, and management benefits that can be gained by deploying a software-based 5G radio infrastructure.

Samsung’s 5G vRAN consists of a vCU (virtualized Central Unit) , a vDU (virtualized Distributed Unit), and a wide range of radio units to enable a smooth migration to 5G. The objective is to replace the dedicated baseband hardware used in a traditional RAN architecture with software elements on a general-purpose computing platform, mobile operators can scale 5G capacity and performance more easily, add quicky new features, and provide the needed flexibility to support different architectures.

Samsung’s 5G vCU was first commercialized in April 2019 and is currently in commercial use by mobile operators in Japan, Korea, and the United States. This new solution manages adding the vDU in addition to the vCU to deliver a fully-virtualized 5G vRAN. When combined with Samsung’s virtualized 4G/5G Core, the operator will be able to implement an end-to-end software-based radio and core network running on COTS servers. The company will in fact continue to conduct vDU field trials in North America in the second half of this year.

The main objectif is the readiness for extension

The recent surge in broadband with high-quality video streaming, entertainment, and learn-at-home demands has highlighted the need for operators to be able to quickly deploy network resources to meet the shifting requirements of businesses and consumers. Samsung’s vRAN solution, with its easy expandability and manageability, is able to support operators needs who want to rapidly expand network capacity and features, and evolve their networks with 5G-powered capabilities to support these demands.

Peter Jarich, Head of GSMA Intelligence said: “Now, more than ever, mobile operators recognize the need for quality-driven, flexible, scalable, and cost-efficient network architectures while planning for 5G network success,”  “RAN virtualization will be an important tool in helping to deliver on those demands and Samsung’s continuing vRAN innovation positions it well to deliver.”



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