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Lynk is planning to launch 5G from space in December 2022

Lynk Global said it will send a 5G mobile base station into space in order to demonstrate its ability to transmit the 5G signal from space to phones on earth. The test planned for December 2022 has been funded by an undisclosed partner.

Earlier in September, Lynk received what it calls the world’s first satellite-direct-to-phone commercial licence from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Lynk also has patented the capability of connecting to standard 5G devices across Earth and without any change in the device’s 5G capabilities across 55 countries. The 5G payload is scheduled to launch in December, on Lynk’s second commercial satellite.

Lynk has announced that it has implemented design and development methods that allow the company to quickly incorporate advanced technologies, including this 5G-based payload as well as the current GSM as well as LTE base stations that are used by the MNOs who are contracted. The Lynk software-designed radios are able to change between 2G and 4G to its MNO partners. In the near future, will be capable of switching to 5G when MNO customers and partners prefer it over 4G.

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