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5G verbatims from Telco leaders

5G verbatims from Telco leaders (5G news: 5GWorldPro.com)

Below Recent verbatim regarding from Telco leaders reagarding 5G in MWC 2019:

1) Randall Stephenson, CEO of AT&T USA
“Back in the 90s everybody was saying wireless would never serve as a substitute for fixed line broadband. (…) Then as we look at 5G will you have enough capacity to have a good broadband product that serves as a streaming service for your DirectTVNow, your Netflix, etc? I absolutely am convinced that we will have that capacity, particularly as we turn up mmWave spectrum. (…) So I have little doubt that in the 3 to 5 year time horizon you’ll start to see substitution of wireless for fixed line broadband”.
AT&T 4Q 2018 Presentation, 28 Feb 2018

2) Karri Kuoppamaki, VP Network Technology T-Mobile US
“With all the buzz around mmWave spectrum, it’s easy to draw a conclusion that it’s the only spectrum for 5G. This of course is not the case. 5G will live and work in every spectrum range from low- to mid-band to mmWave. No band by itself will be the answer to full 5G”
Interview to Mobile World Daily, Feb 2019

3) José María Álvarez-Pallete López, CEO of Telefónica
“[European] regulators should simplify regulation, otherwise much of the expensive innovation in 5G will be lost before it is deployed (…). Governments are using 5G auctions as short-term cash generators rather than fostering the digital transformation that societies and economies require. 

Opening keynote @MWC 2019, Feb 2019

4) Marcus Weldon CTO Nokia

“There is a great amount of innovation and potential for 5G, but I fear we’re getting it wrong. As an industry we’re focusing a little too much on the consumer segment (…). Consumers will benefit from 5G, but future growth will come from the industrial area 

”Interview to MWC Daily, Feb 2019

5)Vivek Badrinath, Regional CEO AMAP of Vodafone Group

“5G will greatly expand usage of IoT. in the gigabit Societies of the near future, IoT devices will provide more data to be processed via AI (subject to proper privacy and security controls) and that will open up new applications. I also expect a focus on cloud-based products and services, which will become even more pervasive in the near future.”

Mobile World Daily, Feb 2019

6) Cristiano Amon President of Qualcomm

“The ability of 5G handsets to support 4K video will radically change how we consume this content. This could also see consumers becoming broadcasters, with the result that present day social media undergoes a huge transformation.”

“Games developers are already looking at how 5G could transform their business models. We believe there will not be a need for new games consoles, with 5G handsets becoming mainstream devices in this sector supported by high bandwidth, low latency and edge computing.”

Interview to MWC Daily, Feb 2019

7) Guo Ping, rotating Chairman of Huawei

“Huawei is leading in 5G globally, but we understand innovation is nothing without security (…). Let me say this as clearly as possible: Huawei has…never built backdoors, and we will never allow anyone to do so in our equipment. We take this responsibility very seriously”

keynote session at @MWC 2019, Feb 2019

8) Mike Fries, CEO of LibertyGlobal

“5G is evolutionary not revolutionary, especially for consumers… we are going slowly, starting with B2B options and enterprise solutions but mostly stepping back and being cautious about that rollout timeframe.”

keynote @MWC 2019, 26 Feb 2019

9) Andrew Penn, CEO of Telstra Australia

“The interesting thing to me is that its not just 5G that is important. It is arriving as other technology reaches a degree of maturity, including cloud compute, AI, ML, software defined, edge compute – these combinations provide the real opportunity for 5G.”

keynote @MWC 2019

10) Borje Ekholm President of Ericsson

“The progress in Europe is being blocked by high spectrum fees, uncertain spectrum duration and heavy regulation (…). European problem is a general investment problem and the attractiveness of investing in your network in Europe (…)”.

Ericsson Press Conference @MWC 2019, Feb 2019

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